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Relieve your confusion 

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

You can wear whatever you live but it is advised that you wear relaxed, loose fitting clothes. Shoes are best left off during sessions, but you may wear them if you wish (unless you're receiving acupressure on your feet). Flip flops are fine too. If you're just coming from work then however you're able to modify your outfit to your liking for maximum comfort will be perfect. 

What are reiki and acupressure good for / what are the benefits?

For Reiki​

  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Promotes a state of inner peace and relaxation

  • Reduces or alleviates pain (chronic or otherwise)

  • Bolsters the body’s natural healing factor

  • Accelerates physical healing of injuries

  • Clears & balances the chakra energy system (another name for the different aspects of your personality)

  • Brings deep and restful sleep (Beneficial for those with insomnia!)

  • Promotes emotional healing and mental well-being (Beneficial to those with Bipolar disorder, ASD, ADHD you name it!)

  • Assists the body in cleansing toxins

  • Supports allopathic and holistic treatment

  • Reduces side-effects from medications, chemotherapy, anesthesia

For Acupressure:

  • Relieves muscular tension and stress

  • Improves circulation

  • Reduces or alleviates pain (chronic or otherwise)

  • Minimizes headaches and migraines

  • Reduces inflammation and soreness aiding in the tissue recovery process

  • Stimulates & balances the chakra energy system (another name for the different aspects of your personality)

  • Brings deep and restful sleep (Beneficial for those with insomnia!)

  • Promotes emotional healing and mental well-being

  • Assists the body in digestive activities

  • relieves menstrual cramps

  • helps manage cancer related fatigue and nausea

What are the benefits of Percussive Therapy?

  • Reduces muscle inflammation

  • Corrects altered joint mechanics

  • Improves circulation 

  • Reaches deeper layers of muscle than regular manual massage can

  • Helps breaks up scar tissue and other adhesions so muscles can recover quicker

  • High frequency application of pressure minimizes soreness and muscle tension in ways hands cannot by themselves

  • Helps prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)  

Is reiki or acupressure dangerous?

Not at all! It's safe and effective on all populations: from the elderly, to children, and pets. It can even be used to imbue certain objects with positive, healing 'ki' or energy. It's almost more dangerous if you don't receive reiki or acupressure at some point in your life so make sure to book an appointment today!

What should I expect from my first session?

For Reiki:

During the session, you might notice warming, cold, tingling or throbbing sensations in certain areas. In other areas, you might not notice anything at all. Even if you come in with a particular problem area, you may experience a sense of relaxation that affects your whole body. You may feel the energy in the heart center and feel emotional as a result, which is totally normal. You might even fall asleep during the session, which is also incredibly common!

For Acupressure:

You may notice similar sensations to a reiki session via warming, cold, tingling or throbbing sensations in certain areas. However due to the nature of the massage you will mostly feel squeezes and physical pressure on your muscles. As a result you may feel heat at Qi/Ki is channeled into the areas of need. All treatments will take these sensations into account and Qi will be administered according to the patient's needs.

                          For Reiki:

   The first session is to establish a baseline and get to know where you are energetically. You'll complete a short 10-15 min questionnaire on relevant medical history, your current state of being and what you're looking to achieve health wise.

  Once complete, you'll lie face up on the table and be guided through a short meditation. From here the Godhand will place his hands a few inches over specific energy centers and you'll begin receiving reiki starting from your head, proceeding down to your feet for the first half (depending on session length). You'll then lie face down to receive a light reiki massage starting from the base of the skull down to the ankles. The Godhand will then place his hands over the head once again where you'll receive a final dose of reiki before closing the session. 

Subsequent sessions will begin to get more specific as the Godhand will spend more time on the energy centers that need more attention. Resultantly the Reiki massage portion may be omitted or extended depending on need or preference.

If you're receiving distant reiki then you will check in on the phone with Godhand prior to the session. It is advised that you find time and space to yourself to relax, listen to some gentle music, and meditate peacefully while you receive reiki for the length of your session. If you must get up and attend to life, that is fine as well. The reiki will reach you either way.

                       For Acupressure: 

The first session is the same as the reiki session as far as establishing a baseline and the questionnaire goes. However you'll begin by lying face down on the massage table where you'll be guided through a short, relaxing meditation.  The Godhand will then place his hands on the heart and crown chakras to establish a connection via Qi. You will then be lead through a light tendon stretch before you receive a specialized acupressure massage starting at the neck, shoulders back and spine before heading to the arms and hands, legs and then feet. Depending on the information you provided in the questionnaire, the Godhand will focus on the areas that need the most attention. The Godhand will then place his hands over the heart and crown chakras to give you one more dose of Qi before closing.

Subsequent sessions will address the areas that need the most attention. Resultantly, the arm and hand massages and/or the leg and foot massage portions may be omitted or extended depending on need, preference and/or length of session. 

Who the heck is Shaq Wukong the Godhand and what sets Godhand R&A apart from other therapists and healers? aka why should I choose GRA?

Shaq Wukong, The Godhand, is a Mixed Martial Artist, NASM certified fitness professional, MMA conditioning specialist, GWU School of Public Health alumni and Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai certified Reiki Therapist that comes from a long lineage of clairvoyants and healers. He approaches what he does from both an esoteric and scientific point of view to work with you and understand where you're coming from.


As someone who truly understands what it's like to feel powerless under the conditions of life, Shaq will fight hard and give his all to ensure that you receive the help that you seek. We all need a hand sometimes. And the Godhand is right here for you. Get started today by booking a 90 min complimentary session or visit the about page to learn more!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine that works like electromagnetic therapy. It promotes stress reduction, relaxation, healing and clears and balances the chakras which are the energy centers responsible for governing the different sides of our personalities. Reiki practitioners direct "Ki" or electromagnetic energy through their hands in order to bolster and improve the recipient's immune system and overall ability to heal themselves and be well. It’s this electromagnetic energy that the "Ki" in "Reiki" refers to. Ki, also known as "Qi" can be equated to bio electricity or life force energy aka: the energy needed to be alive and animate your body.

What is acupressure?

Unlike acupuncture which uses needles to stimulate and influence the energetic meridians of the body, acupressure uses the power of healing touch to inject qi into specific energy/pressure points on the skin/muscle/fascia. Energetic blockages manifest in the form of muscular tension, pain and maladies. Godhand R&A's Acupressure techniques reinvigorate the musculoskeletal system's energetic circuitry, while simultaneously serving as a form of corrective flexibility therapy. 

This form of deep tissue Qigong massage works similarly to how a foam roller or a brace does through the application of qi imbued counter pressure applied to relax and lengthen the overworked muscles throughout the body, while the underworked musculature is reinvigorated and brought back into neural alignment and recruitment by the qi. Our physiology, posture, and the tension we feel in our bodies has a huge impact on how we feel overall, the energy or "vibe" we give off and how well we're able to tap into and access the different parts of our personalities as well as the human psyche. This applies to all muscles throughout the body especially those along the spine.


Qigong pressure-point massage brings us back into alignment, reinvigorates the body, improves flexibility & corrects altered joint mechanics. After a single session, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels. 

What is 'ki' or 'qi'?

Ki, also known as "Qi" can be equated to bio electricity or life force energy: the energy needed to be alive and animate your body. Qi is the source of all movement in the body, both voluntary and involuntary. It's also the energy source behind metabolic processes, digestion and all other forms of transformation in the body. 

Qi-gong is the practice of cultivating and using this qi or ki. A person's level of qi is represented in their overall vibrance, their ability to access and make use of different parts of their personality and ability to express themselves as an individual spirit in both the 3rd dimension as well as the higher esoteric dimensions of reality. Qi cultivation is done through various avenues  including specific forms of meditation, breathing practices, physical exercises and dietary practices. Contact the Godhand directly to find out more!

Is reiki a religious practice?

Not at all! It's safe and effective on all populations: from the atheist, to devout believers of a higher power. You don't even need to be, or see yourself as, a spiritual person to use it or receive it. You also don't even need to believe in it for it to work on you either! However an open, receptive attitude is always encouraged.

The traditional characters for reiki are  霊気 . While it seems that Google and most people will translate reiki as "universal life force energy”, this can be a little confusing. The real translation for 霊 (rei) is something more like:

  • spirit

  • soul

  • phantom


While the translation for 気 (ki) is more so something like


  • mood

  • energy

  • vitality

  • spirit

  • moral.


This would give us a definition of 'reiki' that's something to the effect of 'state/energy of the spirit', which we can think of as a moral, or way of existing and manifesting into "reality" as it's experienced and observed.


How does this relate to anything? Theres energy all around us. Not just coming from radio towers and the like. If you've ever been to a sporting event, concert or spent a holiday with family then you know what I mean. Reiki Healers are conduits for harmonious healing energy to pass through, not the source of the energy. The energy in reiki comes from "Kuan Yin" the spirit (or representation) of compassion; which is accessible to everyone. Just as anyone can feel closed hearted, anyone can also feel open hearted and compassionate. Now, as far as "spirit" goes, we should think of principalities or ways of living, feeling and expressing rather than some sort of silly ghosts or phantoms! With that being said, Reiki is literally a way to change your condition or state of being into one which fosters good health and emotional well being.

What should I expect to feel during a Session?

What does 'reiki' mean exactly?

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