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Reiki Treatment


Reiki (in a nutshell):

A Japanese style of alternative medical treatment. It's like a form of electromagnetic therapy that utilizes the most powerful technology available to mankind; the human mind, heart and will to stimulate and encourage healing of both the emotional and physical, yin and yang aspects of a person;  . 

The 'Ki' or Qi in 'Reiki' refers to the energy that circulates within everything in the universe. It works in a similar way to how blood circulates our bodies, or in the same way that thoughts circulate our minds and how emotions circulate the 'heart space'. Qi is the source of all movements of the body and within the body; both voluntary and involuntary. It's the energy source behind metabolic processes, digestion and all other forms of harmonious transformation in the body. The way of the microcosm is contained in the way of macrocosm, and with that being said; Qi is heavily influenced by mental and emotional workings and is moved via the will to make physical change in the same way that all physical creations begin as simple ideas and imaginings before being brought forth into physical, 3D reality. 

The heart and brain generate an electromagnetic field around the body, however the heart's influence on this electromagnetic field is 60-100x stronger electrically, and up to 5000x stronger magnetically than the brain's influence. And with modern physicists coming to the conclusion that the physical world (as we know it) is made out of electromagnetic fields that basically amount to being nothing more than waves of energy (or Qi) that is heavily influenced by mental and emotional phenomena. With this understanding, the power Reiki has to benefit our lives becomes clear.

Reiki healers channel the “spirit” (meaning an attitude or mind state) of compassion, and use the will (or conscious heartfelt intention) to direct electromagnetic energy through the hands in order to influence and enhance the recipient's natural abilities to regenerate physically and recuperate mentally and emotionally. 

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use with enough practice and energetic attunements. It has been effective in helping the recovery of virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect of some sort, significant or subtle. It also works extraordinarily well in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Acupressure Massage


Unlike acupuncture which uses needles to stimulate and influence the energetic meridians of the body, acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the power of healing touch to inject qi into specific energy/pressure points on the skin/muscle/fascia.

              Qi is the source of all movement in the body, both voluntary and involuntary. It's also the energy source behind metabolic processes, digestion and all other forms of harmonious transformation in the body. 

       It is Scientifically proven that our psychology is heavily influenced by our physiology. Even if you're emotionally upset, just focusing on the thought "smile" will change your neurochemistry. to actually take it a step further and intentionally laughing out loud will flood your system with positive feelings and energy. Energetic blockages often manifest themselves in the form of low spirits, frustration, sadness, muscular tension, pain and maladies. However the application of counter pressure on specific energetic points associated with problem areas reinvigorates the musculoskeletal system's energetic circuitry, improving mood while simultaneously serving as a form of corrective flexibility training, as weak joints are supported by the strengthening and stretching of compensatory muscles in order to clear energetic blockages in the etherial/mental-emotional/ spiritual body.


Acupressure works similarly to a brace, compression wear or foam roller however unlike the aforementioned devices; the effects of acupressure are last much, much longer.

It feels different from regular massage, as Qi is channeled directly into the clients' energetic meridians; which releases muscular tension, stress and promotes the circulation of the clients's own Qi, which in turn leads to improved blood flow. As it goes, where Qi goes, blood flows, and as a result recipients may feel sensations of static, heat, or become relaxed to the point of sleepiness. 

The many benefits of Acupressure from Shaq Wukong the Godhand include: chronic pain / stress relief, improved sleep quality, improved digestion, release of built up lactic acid, and chakra balance.

About: About

The Godhand; Shaq Wukong

A Martial Artist and Healer

Shaq Wukong, The Godhand, is a Mixed Martial Artist, NASM certified fitness professional, MMA conditioning specialist, Qigong expert and Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai certified Reiki Therapist that comes from a long lineage of clairvoyants and healers. Since the age of four his parents noticed that Shaq was intutitive beyond his years and that the palms of his hands would often burn hot without explanation. Always an energetic and enthusiastic boy, he was introduced to tai-chi quan at the age of seven thanks to his older brother and began meditation and the cultivation of his internal qi/ki energy reserves.

An avid martial artist, he suffered a jaw injury around this same time that resulted in 16 stitches to his chin which led him to develop a slight speech impediment. However, he continued his martial arts practice and began MMA training at age 14 at Wai-Kru MMA. At age 16 he began practicing Taoist Qi-Gong mediation practices under the tutelage of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming of the YMAA.

Through Dr. Yang's teachings, Shaq began to practice qigong acupressure massage on himself daily. This coupled with consistent meditation & the practice of Qi cultivation techniques unlocked something in him; the potential he had felt was lying dormant. In college he majored in exercise science at the George Washington University's School of Public Health and came to understand anatomy, physiology, biology and the body as a whole from a scientific point of view. With this understanding he would treat his own injuries sustained from Brazilian jujitsu training, which included a back injury in 2015 that left Shaq in so much pain that he couldn't even tie his own shoe. However through a combination of self administered percussive therapy, acupressure and qigong self massage; Shaq went to work on his back injury, as well as the musculature surrounding his own speech apparatus, and was not only able to successfully accelerate the recovery of his back injury but also able to treat the speech impediment he had developed in early childhood to the point that it has become largely unnoticeable. As a side effect of repairing his throat chakra, he also discovered his love for making music. That was when he knew for certain that he could help others.


In 2016, Shaq began to treat his friends and family to qi gong acupressure massages to mend their injuries, back problems and muscle soreness, much to their delight. Around the same time he was introduced to Reiki by a good friend, and was able to finally find a way to properly channel the energy that radiated from his hands since he was a child. After college, he returned to Boston and under the guidance and tutelage of Starr Sadaya Beauvais of Dovenstar Intuitive Reiki Center, he was certified by the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai in Usui Reiki Ryoho in 2017. Ever since, he has successfully treated patients experiencing:

  • cyclical vomiting

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • mood swings associated with BP

  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

  • insomnia

  • arthritis

  • nerve pain

  • lockjaw

  • headaches/migraines

  • lower back issues

  • knee sprains

  • speech impediments

  • sleep issues associated with BP

  • nervous episodes associated with ASD

  • the list goes on.

Shaq Wukong the Godhand is a dedicated martial artist who was born to heal and help others to unlock their potential just like he was able to do for himself through the works of God, or the universe or whatever you believe. Whether its weight-loss, healing, chakra balance, you name it; The Godhand will lead you to a solution. Book a session today and find out for yourself what the Godhand can do for you.​

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